Owl Sport

OWL Sport is an innovative, technologically superior brand with a drive to transform the sport of pickleball so that more people can play when and where they want.

We exist so that every player can experience their best game.

best game

The OWL paddle found inspiration from transformational brands like Apple and Tesla, who were bold enough to push past what conventional wisdom thought possible.

We set out to create the quietest paddle and, along the way, we pushed to make it the best playing paddle the industry had ever seen. Remarkably, we accomplished both. The OWL paddle is our gift to the pickleball world.

the best playing paddle

OWL Sport was created by a group of people who had a problem to solve:

They wanted to play pickleball when they wanted, where they wanted and without having to worry about noise complaints.

Much like nature has created the perfect predator of the skies, OWL's unmatched team of engineers have perfected an elite version of the pickleball paddle that not only reduces sound output by 50%, but also provides players with a best-in-industry performance paddle for all skill levels.

for all skill levels.

OWL paddles are the first pickleball paddles on the market that are USA Pickleball Quiet Category-compliant.

Experience OWL Paddle

OWL Sport plans to continue its advancement of the racket sports industry through a relentless and meticulous commitment to innovation and superior playability.